Photo of Chief Executive of Macao, Mr. Chu Sai On, and members of the
Committee of Cultural Industries at the 1st Ordinary Plenary Meeting

Establishment of CIC

  Since cultural industries have been of great significance for the economic development and cultural productivity of the Special Administrative Region of Macau, it was necessary to create a highly specialized and representative committee which could contribute for the cultural progress of the territory. Therefore, on the 10th of May 2010, under the first group of the article no.19 of Macao Special Administrative Region and by order of the Chief Executive of Macao, the Committee of Cultural Industries (CIC) was officially created. The mission of CIC is to support the Government of Macao SAR on the construction of policies, strategies and measures of deployment of the cultural industries, presenting the following objectives:

  1. To listen to different social sectors
  2. To promote debates regarding problematic issues related to the development of cultural industries in Macau
  3. To present political proposals and strategies in the area